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  • Published March 26th, 2010 by dw

Current Specials

  • Published March 26th, 2010 by dw

Holiday season at Images by Dwayne



Celebrate life’s precious moments through the magic of portraits. Memories captured forever with portraits from
Images by Dwayne.
With a half-price sitting, we will include
a complimentary duplicate 8x10 portrait after a minimum purchase of an 8x10 portrait.
Appointments are limited...
call today and avoid disappointment
(949) 581-5060



Maternity ... Newborn Special 

Please schedule your maternity session approximately 6 weeks prior to your anticipated due date. Then return with Baby around 2 weeks after delivery for a newborn family session.

 (949) 581-5060

Wall Portraits

  • Published March 26th, 2010 by dw

Is a wall portrait a purchase or an investment of the heart? Would you spend a few pennies a day for a piece of wall décor that not only adds beauty to a room but also personalizes it to you and your family? More than likely, for those reasons alone, the answer would be yes.


Now consider that for the same investment, you and your family can transform a room into your own special domain: one that creates a warm, uplifting feeling and tugs at your heart every time you enter. You have added a slice out of time … a memory captured … a closeness preserved  … a pride in your family displayed for all to see.  Again, for no additional investment.  And, the value increases with the passing of time.


Yes, a portrait is indeed an investment that yields a very high rate of return … an investment of the heart … for the heart.


Beach Photography

  • Published March 26th, 2010 by dw

Some have asked why we photograph during afternoon hours at the beach rather than at sunset like some other photographers. And, we do have a good reason. For the best possible chance to have striking blue water and vibrant blue skies, the photography session must take place when there is ample sunlight.   Usually two o’clock in the afternoon during spring and summer works out to be a good start time for family beach photography.  In this way the sun is high enough to illuminate the water and sky, but low enough to provide slight backlighting of the subjects.  Our auxiliary lighting brightens the eyes and lifts facial shadowing.  As an added plus to working during daylight hours, there is time for more posing arrangements, extra regroupings and walking the location for other background opportunities.



Sunsets are beautiful, but they last mere moments and there is never a guarantee of a colorful sunset.  In fact, it is almost guaranteed not to happen.  When it doesn’t, the water is drab and the sky is gray.  In other words, we like the odds of a great beach photography session during early afternoon.




Business Photography

  • Published March 26th, 2010 by dw

  When you need a top-notch photo of yourself for the web, business cards or publications, we can do it and do it fast … to your specifications. See “Business Portraits” on our Home Page. Prices start at $135.00 for the photo session, immediate pose selection, both face and torso retouching as you request, background selection and the file emailed to you. Your total time investment is around thirty minutes. And, we are conveniently located just blocks off the I5, Lake Forest exit. See “Hours and Directions” on our Home Page.

Commercial Photography

  • Published March 26th, 2010 by dw

 We sold our commercial studio years ago, but advertising photography is still in our blood. So, we do take in a limited amount of work on a first-come-first-served basis. From corporate reports to a widget for the web, we can give you a quote, and there’s a good chance that the price will be much lower than the studios geared to commercial work only. Check us out. If your job is not a good fit for us we will tell you and try to give you a referral.   



Boudoir or Intimate Photography

  • Published March 26th, 2010 by dw

This for-your-eyes-only type of artistic photography seems to be coming back. It was big in the ‘80’s and we were in the middle of it at that time. Well, we’re still here but now we are armed with digital retouching (wish it had been around 20 years ago). Now we can blow your, and his, socks off. You will still be his special gal but you will have never been more beautiful.